Who are the perfect clients for your website?


Super question. Well, this club has been created specifically to help people that can’t get to a gym, whether its time, whether its finances, because they are expensive places these days, especially when you add a personal trainer on top. They cost a lot of dosh. And also people that don’t really know what they are doing with exercise, maybe not confident yet to fully engage in it. This website was created to help you. Give you the answers, make it super quick to do, and as cheap as we can really make it.

Why have you created this kind of website having workouts, recipes, and coaching?


All in one place is, for me, the easiest way to deliver everything you need. From workout videos, to recipes to support, directly with me. We do live Q&A’s all of the time. So this kind of website is the best way right, with the technology we have got, for me to help you at home. You can get it on your PC, your ipad, your phone, anywhere you want it. Super simple.

Does the club cater to every body type?


Absolutely, we are the most inclusive club you will ever come across. That’s the whole purpose of it. Whatever body shape you are, whatever type you are, whatever fitness level you are, we are here to help you. We have different gradients and different levels for every single workout, it’s here to help you. We want to accommodate you, and move you forward. That’s the purpose.

What’s your belief on dieting?


I love that question. I’m very relaxed with my food. I like to have less stress around food so personally that’s my goal, and to not experienced stress with food. I want to feel good but with you guys and dieting, what you will see in the club is we highlight how many of our members achieve success with all sorts of methods, all sorts of ways, whether it be intermittent fasting, calorie counting, intuitive eating, emotional eating. There are so many different mind-sets and methods behind food, that we know can work, for some, but not all. And our job, when you join the club, is to show you all your potential solutions, and then guide you and support you through whichever way you feel is right for you. That is my belief on dieting, and that is what you will experience, and feel when you join our club.

If I join your club what can I get from it?


So many things. I think the number one thing is, with the club, you are going to get support. Which I think a lot of us feel like we don’t get else where, directly with me, I genuinely am on hand to help you the whole way through plus the hundreds of other members we’ve got are going to be there every single day. That is the most powerful thing you are going to get from our club. Along with all the workout videos, recipes and everything else you need. That my friend, is the number one thing, I would say.

Why do you wear blue all the time?


Its a good question. If you don’t know me yet, you will notice that one thing about me, I’m always wearing blue. I’ve got about 50 blue t-shirts and jumpers in my wardrobe at home. It’s very simple and I like the colour blue and also someone once said to me if you wear the same colour, people start recognising you in it and it’s absolutely true. I was in Tesco’s last week wearing red and people were looking at me strangely – ‘I think I know him, but it can’t be – he isn’t wearing blue’ and that is the level we are at – we will keep it blue!

What’s your favourite phrase?


That’s a good one. Someone has asked me this because I talk utter nonsense throughout the workouts – you’ll hear it – I am the least serious instructor you will ever encounter. But I’m going to use a good one for anyone thinking about becoming a club member. ‘However slow you are going…remember you are lapping everyone else sitting on their butt doing nothing’ and it’s so true – it’s exactly the beliefs I have for our members, in that anything that you do is better than nothing. That is the purpose of moving forward, taking one step at a time, and only comparing yourself to you. No one else.

Who is Brenda?


Brenda is my love. Have you seen Brenda yet? If you haven’t – go and find her on the website – absolute dream woman, and that’s who Brenda is. I’m not sure if she is my secret girlfriend – I haven’t told Katie about, or she is just an inner goddess that has come out of my body – but what I do know is Brenda is my way of illustrating, and demonstrating, what I want to provide for you. For women out there, who have all these questions and want solutions. Brenda is working it out for us. She is not only doing that, she is showing you the path. So use Brenda – touch her, where she needs to be touched, get the articles you need to find, the answers are with Brenda. I love Brenda.

How do you join the club?


If you read this far, and you haven’t gone away to click the button yet, ask yourself why? What are you expecting – I am here telling you I am going to help you -100%. Our club is going to help you, everything within this club site is here to help you. We have listened to our members, we deliver what they want, we will do when you join. The answer is with you my friend. The buttons by the by. Just click them.

Go on. I’m here.


Thanks for your questions.  If you do have any further questions that weren’t listed here, please contact us info@fitwithfrank.co.uk and we would LOVE to help.
Have a lovely day. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon.

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