The Truth About Getting A Six Pack with Alex Crockford

The Truth About Getting A Six Pack with Alex Crockford

Keen to know the secret to achieving a six pack, I discover there’s more than just a pretty face to social media sensation, fitness model and lean machine, Alex Crockford. Move over Captain America… Full article written below.

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He’s graced the cover of major fitness magazines and modelled for top international brands and he’s a successful trainer and motivator, helping people across the world transform themselves with exercise and diet tips through his Social Media Channels (which, by the way, has over 250,000 followers). Meet Alex Crockford, fellow Surreyite and creator of #CrockFit Fitness Programmes.

Forget the false promises of ‘how to get a six pack in six minutes’, here, he speaks frankly (‘scuse the pun) and tells the truth.


“In theory we all have abs — it’s being able to see them that counts. Consistency is the key; the same simple habits repeated again and again, with a focus on resistance training, rather than run, run, run. It’s always tempting to overdo the cardio, particularly at the start of a new year.”

He emphasises the importance of the right training, sleep, recovery and rest, adding that: “A six pack is hard to achieve but it’s also easy to achieve if you’re getting tangible advice and improving what you’re doing.”

When it comes to diet, he knows his stuff: “The right nutrition is essential — many of us don’t eat enough protein when we’re training — it’s tempting to undereat when trying to get lean.” He tells me that this is where most of us go wrong and can often lead to binge eating. “This can be avoided if you don’t deprive yourself of the foods that will fuel your workout routine and give you the energy and nutrients your body needs.”

Building a positive mental attitude to enjoy the process which will produce the right results can take a while, he acknowledges and, this is what spurred him on to devise a one-year plan. “A short-term programme can be great to burn fat quickly but, when it’s finished, you run the risk of losing your mojo and going back to old habits. A fitness plan over a longer period of time can really help break the bad habits.”

A popular question that he often gets asked, is how many years of training does it take to become a fitness model? Ultimately, he points out: “It depends on where that person is, but I believe around six to nine months is a realistic timeframe.”


1. CREATE A WORKOUT ROUTINE:Know what you’re doing and stick to it.

2.GET TO THE GYM:Follow a resistance and weight lifting training programme.

3. STEPS:Supplement your workouts with 10 to 15,000 steps per day, staying as active as possible.

4. NUTRITION:Eat enough calories to boost your metabolism; lots of vegetables and healthy, fresh food.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY:Don’t be afraid to share your journey. Social media is very powerful but if you’re not comfortable about posting it, just having someone you can talk to is enough — someone who can push you when you’re struggling.

6. STRESS & RECOVERY: Nothing’s going to happen if you’re tired and stressed. The more sleep, the better the results and put down your phone at least 30 minutes before bed.

Guilty pleasures… We’re all human and all have our weaknesses. Every now and then, it’s okay to satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolate bar or a doughnut.

So, now you know it’s possible to achieve (and see) abs like Alex’s, what better time than now to kick-start a new year health kick? I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I’m a little jealous too of those abs… and those pecks. By the way, did I mention that his favourite superhero is Captain America?

If you want to wear the t-shirt, sign up and become a Crockfitter by visiting alexcrockford.comWhilst you’re there, it’d be rude not to take a glimpse at the results of his tough workout regimes. It’s a good thing he’s not shy….